Diffuser With Essential Oils: Name A Few Of Them

Diffuser With Essential Oils: Name A Few Of Them

What Are Diffusers With Essential Oils?

Diffusers are used to distribute the small particles present in the essential oil with the help of the air. In this article, we will talk about diffuser with essential oils.

After the release of the particles, it goes inside the body and provides health benefits. The best thing about diffusers is that they are affordable and healthy. 

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are an alternate option of medication. Plant’s compounds are present in the oils. The oil gets its flavor from the plant. Essential oils are usually made by the process of distillation. It can also be acquired through another process called cold pressuring. It is important for people to know the actual way of how these oils are processed. If they are not made in an organic way, then those oils are not considered as essential oils. 

Diffuser With Essential Oils: Name A Few Of Them
Diffuser With Essential Oils: Name A Few Of Them

Different Types Of Diffuser

There are various kinds of diffuser with essential oils. Some of them include the following:

Ceramic Diffuser

This kind of diffusers let oils to evaporate and scatter into the atmosphere. Put one droplet of essential oil on a ceramic diffuser. Ceramic diffusers are better for small rooms but are not very preferable for large areas. 

Reed Diffuser

In reed diffusers, the aroma travels through rattan sticks. These sticks have small holes which enable the essential oil to go to the top portion of the stick. And disperse the aroma in the room. However, for reed diffusers, it is better to choose lighter oils than the heavier one.

Electric Diffuser

An electric diffuser doesn’t require any heat to expose the aroma of the oils. All you need to do is pour a few droplets of oil to the water. There will be an electric fan that will scatter the smell of the oil from the water.

Candle Diffuser

In candle diffusers, there will be a candle that plays the role of spreading the aroma. However, we need to light the candle and the heat will do the work. But if you want to have a therapeutic experience then candle diffuser might not be a very good option. This is because of the heat as the chemical elements of the oil. 

Diffuser With Essential Oils: Name A Few Of Them
Diffuser With Essential Oils: Name A Few Of Them

Nebulizer Diffuser

These kinds of diffusers usually break the particles of essential oils into small parts. And only after breaking them into tiny parts, they disperse them everywhere in the room. The nebulizer diffusers come with motors and a cylindrical object. People believe these devices provide good therapeutic experiences. They absorb tiny molecules faster and better. 

However, these diffusers have some disadvantages. 

  1. Cylinders are made of glass. So they are difficult to clean.
  2. Also, once broken, they are quite pricey to be replaced. 
  3. Some diffusers tend to make a lot of noise.

Hope this article helps!

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