Essential Oils Lavender: It’s Manifold Uses And Benefits

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The essential oils lavender is one of the most commonly found essential oils in the market. But, only a few people are aware of its manifold benefits. Lavender oil is one such oil that is extremely useful and comes handy in almost all problems. So, instead of wasting any money on various treatments, buy a bottle of lavender oil and revel in peace.

Let Us Take A Look Into The Various Uses Of The Essential Oils Lavender

In the following lines, we will discuss how lavender oil can be beneficial for our skin and hair. Stay tuned till the end to know a bonus benefit.

Lavender Oil Uses And Benefits For Skin

  • Treats Acne – A common problem among all the girls is acne. Not only are the acnes stubborn, but they also leave behind acne scars which harm our appearance. Apply the essential oil lavender to kill the bacteria present on your skin and prevent acne breakouts.
  • Useful for Dry Skin – Eczema is a skin disease that can occur anywhere and makes your skin dry. Apply lavender oil along with two drops of tea tree oil to nourish the dried skin and get rid of the skin disease.
  • Helps fight Wrinkles – The antioxidants present in lavender oil fights the free radicals. These free radicals are the reason behind wrinkles. So, to avoid wrinkles, use lavender oil mixed with coconut oil and apply twice a day.
  • Has Skin Lightening Properties – Lavender oil works wonders in discoloration and dark spots reduction. Since it helps reduce blotchiness and redness it helps to reduce the hyperpigmentation, thus giving a glowing and fairer skin.
Essential Oils Lavender: It's Manifold Uses And Benefits
Essential Oils Lavender: It’s Manifold Uses And Benefits

This Essential Oils Uses And Benefits For Hair

  • Promotes Hair Growth – Recent studies have shown that applying lavender oil on your scalp will help you grow more hair. It even helps in increasing the volume of hair, thus giving you a shiny, bouncy, and voluminous feeling.
  • Treats Itchy Scalp and Dandruff – The essential oil lavender has antimicrobial properties. This helps in reducing any infections in your scalp and prevents itchiness and dandruff.
  • May Prevent Lice – Getting rid of lice from one’s head is surely a tough job, but the lavender oil can do it easily. Using tea tree oil along with lavender oil can not only kill the lice but will also prevent any kind of further growth.
  • Curbs Skin Inflammation – Since it has antimicrobial properties, lavender oil can also reduce any skin inflammation. Applying the essential oil lavender on your scalp can help you get rid of the itchy feeling and skin inflammation.
  • Soothes and Calms You – Massaging lavender oil onto your scalp will soothe your nerves and calm you down. Want to know why? The divine fragrance of the oil helps release endorphins whose function is to de-stress you.
Essential Oils Lavender: It's Manifold Uses And Benefits
Essential Oils Lavender: It’s Manifold Uses And Benefits

As promised earlier, now that you have been with us till the end, here’s a bonus benefit for you!

Lavender Oil Calms Your Anxiety!

Anxiety is harmful to everyone’s health, but sadly, no one pays much attention to it. So, if you are suffering from anxiety and haven’t consulted a doctor, try aromatherapy with essential oil lavender. Studies have shown lavender oil to be beneficial to soothe the anxiousness of high-risk postpartum women.


Now that you know the manifold uses and benefits of lavender oil, don’t wait and get yourself a bottle of essential oil lavender. You can easily use it on your face, hands, legs, and head.

If you experience any rashes or side-effects, do not wait to consult a doctor.

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