Essential Oil Pocket Reference Guide- Types, Uses, and Benefits

essential oil pocket reference guide

Essential oils are one of the amazing gifts of nature, they are made from the extract of herbs and other parts of a plant, they are highly concentrated, filled with stimulating aroma, and basically made by cold pressing method. Essential oils are a great part of aromatherapy, skin treatment, and hair treatment, they are a natural alternative for different kinds of treatments. This essential oil pocket reference guide will help you to know some important uses, types, and benefits of different essential oils. Read this article to the end to know how to choose an essential oil for your concern and how to use them. We are also going to explain briefly about some do’s and don’ts for using them.

Different types of essential oils

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There are different types of essential oils extracted from different kinds of plants, some are extracted from the leaves of a plant while some are extracted from the stems, other essential oils are extracted from the bark, flowers, seeds, and roots.

There are some popular among them which includes- Lavender essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Ylang ylang essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, etc. Some of them are expensive because they are hard to find and highly concentrated, while some are affordable and also used widely. Essential oils are marketed by many companies and their quality varies as well as their prices, you must check the bottles before buying and make sure the ingredient has no other additional ingredients than the oil itself.

Amazing benefits of essential oils

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Essential oils surely have a wide range of benefits, this is why they are used popularly nowadays.

Lavender essential oil helps relieve anxiety, calms and soothes the mind, cures insomnia, and provides sound sleep.

Tea tree essential oil is famous for its antimicrobial properties, that is why it is used in acne and pimples treatment, fungus treatment, and eliminating dandruff.

Peppermint essential oil is used in pain, irritation, headache, stress, and stomach problems like irritable bowel syndrome.

Lemon essential oil is citrus oil which is popular for boosting mood and energy, the aroma of this oil drives away the foul smell.

Frankincense essential oil is said to be used from ancient times in meditation and spiritual practices, this wonderful oil helps treat dry skin, wrinkles, scars, acne spots, and stretch marks.

Eucalyptus essential oil is also a magical oil, it is used to treat cold, cough, congestion by VapoRub, it also has antibacterial benefits.

How to use essential oils

Essential oils can be used for different purposes, they can be used by men and women as well as kids and elders, but one must use them with caution. The oils are highly concentrated and pure, so they cannot be used directly, on a serious point they must not be consumed internally. You can use essential oils by diluting them in any carrier oil, creams, gels, and solutions before applying them to skin and hair. You can also use essential oils for diffusion in aromatherapy, just put 4-5 drops on the diffuser. They can be used for cleaning for their antibacterial properties, just put 4-5 drops in water to clean floors and surfaces.


Some caution must be taken before using the essential oils such as- they should not be inhaled, applied on broken skin, on wounds, or into eyes. If irritation occurs, wash the place with water and seek medical help immediately, using essential oils the wrong way for a long time can cause issues.

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