Here Is How To Make Essential Oils At Home

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So can you prepare your own essential oils at home? Well,  the answer is yes, you can make DIY essential oils, and here we will help you know some easy steps to prepare. However, before indulging you in steps,  we want to highlight a short description of what essential oils are because so many of you are still confused about them. Well, essential oil is an oil made from the aroma and essence of flowers and plants. For the past few years, essential oils were only used in skincare products,  perfumes, and licenses, but today they are also used in aromatherapy, making them popular. 

Now you know what essential oils are, let’s explore some of the easy steps to prepare them at home below:

Here’s How To Make Essential Oils At Home-

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Usually, you can prepare essential oils in three ways such as distillation,  extraction, and expression.  The first method is the most difficult as it needs some special tools and focus. Rest two are easy methods, but the extraction method gives the best result. So, in this context, we will make rose essential oil using the extraction method.

Ingredients You Need To Prepare Rose Essential Oil-

A vase of flowers on a table

120 proof vodka

Rose petals

Glass bowl

Dropper and spoon


Glass jar



Prepare A Plant:

The best thing is you have a comprehensive range of herbs, plants, and flowers to choose from. So you can pick anyone according to the essence you want. And here we are using roses as they are everyone’s favorite. 

Take a pound of rose petals and use a dehydrator to soak all the water material. 

Prepare Jars:

Take the jar and put rose petals into it.  Post that, pour vodka into it and wait for some time until the petals are soaked. Now keep the jar at room temperature.

Straining Vodka:

While straining the solution, make sure you wear protective gloves. Use a strainer to extract the vidka from rose petals.


Keep the jar in the refrigerator to freeze the essential oils. 

Harvest Essential Oils:

Now take out the jar from the freezer and strain the vodka using a cheesecloth. Now you are left with frozen bits which are the essential oils. 

These were the easy steps to make rose essential oil. So now let’s check out some of the mood-improving essential oils:

There are ample essential oils that will help you boost your mood, such as grapefruit essential oil,  mandarin essential oil, lavender essential oil, etc. 

Moreover, you can use essential oils in so many ways, such as:

You can use it as a diffuser blend,  roller blend,  bath salt blend, massage oil blend, and so on. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have to know how to make essential oils at home,  different methods to make oils, and a few mood-enhancing essential oils. So what are you waiting for? Use this information to prepare essential oil at home and get so many benefits. 

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