How To Use A Diffuser On Straight And Curly Hair

how to use a diffuser

Want to know how to use a diffuser? You already have. Most people who blow dry, curl or otherwise style their hair have heard this phrase before. “I want to dry my hair like that, but I don’t want it to be that way.” Learning how to use a diffuser can give your curly locks just the right amount of moisture without making them too oily or dry.

Place The Diffuser Bowl That Allows To Circulate Air

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The key to using a diffuser effectively is to place the diffuser bowl in a spot that allows air to circulate around it. The best locations for a diffuser are in the shower and on the kitchen sink, because these are places where the air is relatively free and fresh. Another option is to set up a small humidifier in your bathroom. This is especially helpful if your hair tends to get really dry after being washed or blow dried. Humidifiers usually have built-in diffusers that are simple to adjust from a high setting to a low setting. Some can even work as air fresheners, by releasing steam into the bathroom when the door is opened.

When you’re learning how to use a diffuser, it’s important to use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly across your curls. The wide-tooth comb is designed to distribute the product in a gentle circular motion, so it works well with curly or wavy hair. Once the diffuser has been spread evenly across your curls, use your fingers to gently scrunch the diffuser into tiny pieces. If you find that too many pieces are escaping from your scrunching, press your fingers firmly into the ends of the pieces and gently squeeze. This should compress the product into small pieces that are easier to work with. Once you’ve finished creating small sections of the scalp-friendly hair, blow dry the remaining product and lightly towel dry your hair.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure

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When it comes to learning how to use a diffuser on your straight hair, it’s important to start by wetting your hair and then starting the straightening process. You can use a diffuser as much as you’d like; however, if you find that the moisture level is too low after the first few attempts, you can mist the hair with a towel to further help it retain more moisture. To create a look that is similar to wetting your hair and curling it, use a diffuser on your wet hair and then comb it through to the roots. Let your hair sit through the rest of your straightening process until it is completely dry.

Exercise Regularly

When learning how to use a diffuser on wavy hair, you’ll need to start with the same steps as for curly hair, but you’ll need to add a little extra treatment to make the curls look more bouncy. To do this, begin by wetting your wavy hair and then lightly scrunching it into little buns. You’ll want to do this gently, as you don’t want to apply too much pressure onto the curls, otherwise they may become frizzy. Next, take a blow dryer to your hair and start heating it up, which will open the cuticle of your hair and allow more air circulation around the curls.

Summing Up

Last, but not least, I want to share something with you regarding how to use a diffuser on curly hair. The best time to use a diffuser on straight hair is after it has been processed. You can add a little bit of spray to the ends to make them look great, then take your diffuser and dry your hair as you normally would. Do this about four to six inches from the ends of your hair, then blow dry your hair until it is dry. This will give your hair a little bit of a wave and a little body.

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