Peppermint Essential Oil: How To Make A Vision To Reality?

Peppermint Essential Oil

Many people, men and women alike, dream of having great looking, healthy hair that stands out from the rest of their hair Peppermint Essential Oil. Unfortunately, many of those who are not fortunate enough to have naturally healthy, shiny hair do not realize how important it is to reach the highest quality of hair possible.

Thankfully, essential oils are able to help you reach that goal. Some research has been conduct to test the effectiveness of various essential oils for hair loss and scalp health. One of these is Rosemary oil.

Uses Peppermint Essential Oil
Uses Peppermint Essential Oil

Increase Your Hair Growth

This essential oil was prove to significantly increase hair growth in both male and female subjects. Rosemary is a natural herb that has an antioxidant property. The anti-oxidant properties work to eliminate free radicals, which are the cause of many types of damage to the skin, hair, and nails. Free radicals are highly damaging because they cause cellular damage and can lead to cancer. This is one reason why so many people choose to use natural ingredients for a healthier lifestyle.

The essential oil from Rosemary is also known to be beneficial for overall hair health. When used in certain combinations, the herb works with other natural ingredients to boost hair growth by strengthening and repairing the hair follicle. Rosemary is also able to strengthen the hair and scalp and help improve hair color and shine. This is especially helpful for those who experience dry, brittle or lifeless hair, since it is often caused by hormonal imbalances.

Other benefits of using this essential oil for hair are that it is antiseptic and antibacterial. Both properties help fight off problems associated with hair growth, such as dandruff and oily scalp. The essential oil from Rosemary is also prove to provide a good amount of protection from the sun. It protects the skin and hair by blocking UV rays and reduces redness and itching caused by dry scalp.

While many herbs are used to treat various conditions, Rosemary is one of the most effective in combating hair loss. This is probably because it works to naturally promote growth and re-growth. Many studies have conducted on this natural herb, trying to find out exactly what it does for hair. In a study in New Zealand, essential extracts of Rosemary were test on animals and consider that it had an ability to stop DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits
Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits

About DHT : Peppermint Essential Oil

DHT is a hormone produce by the male reproductive system, which is responsible for premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction in men. The hormone causes the hair to fall out and thin. The essential oil from Rosemary prevents DHT from reaching the scalp, thus preventing hair loss. For this reason, many people seek to have their hair stay healthy, strong, and thick.

Other studies have also done on using Rosemary essential oil for hair, but most of them focus on treating hair loss and scalp conditions. There is no published evidence to suggest whether it is useful for preventing hair loss in women.

If you are looking for an essential oil that is effective against hair loss. You may want to try lavender essential oil. Lavender is another popular scent that is often use in perfumes and colognes. So you may want to try mixing the two together.

The essential oil from lavender is also very powerful against dandruff. Since it contains natural ingredients like vitamin E and essential oils like rosewood and sandalwood. It is effective in fighting these symptoms. It can even stop new dandruff from developing.

While this may seem like a strange mixture. Combining Rosemary and peppermint essential oil has known to work. For more information, check out more articles on using the right essential oils to combat hair loss.

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