Soap From Essential Depots – What Are Your Options

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In this article I’m going to show why I only buy my natural essential oils from a U.S. based Essential Depot. This company is run by someone with an MBA from the University of San Diego. And now he has transformed himself into a home-based entrepreneur to make even MORE money for himself? Hmmm, that makes me think of scams and fraud…but I think Dr. Oz is on to something here too.

Dr. Oz’s E

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Let’s take a closer look at what an Essential Depot online review says about Dr. Oz’s e-book, The Secret. According to this review: “The Secret contains information about how you can detoxify your body, improve your circulation, and eliminate the toxins that have built up in your tissues over the years”. Sounds good right? Well, ok, but what about all those mineral oil additives (hydrocarbonate, petrolatum, mineral oil, etc.) that we are supposed to be removing?

According to the reviewer:” reviewer found herself not trying any of these soap bars, as she felt like she didn’t need them at all. However, the soap making part was easy and enjoyable, and the visual guide included information on making other healthier recipes using ingredients that are in the kit”. Now then, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a HUGE leap of faith to me, especially when there are so many soaps on the market that use these same food grade, chemical laden, petroleum-based ingredients. In my opinion it’s easier to buy a good soap than to try to learn how to make your own natural oils, or homemade “soap”.


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So, why did I even bother with this soap? Well, first of all, it’s “all-natural” (which is a good thing). It has no sodium chloride in it, which is what most commercial soap has. It’s also very gentle on my skin, even though it says it’s for sensitive skin. Since I already had a lot of facial cleansers and moisturizers in my home, I decided to give it a go.

I quickly discovered that the instructions were easy to follow and that everything tasted good. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that my acne and wrinkles were starting to fade away. Of course, I used the “all natural” treatment on a daily basis and my skin never really got any worse. I would definitely recommend this company’s products to anyone who is looking for a gentle yet effective cleanser.

No Shea Butter

The only “real” disadvantage to me was that there was no Shea butter. This is a very common ingredient in soap bars, and I’ve seen people write about how difficult it is to find, especially if you live in the United States. However, I didn’t see any evidence that this was the case with my purchases, so I guess that’s not a concern for me. Other than that, I’d highly recommend this soap to anyone who needs a “natural” soap bar without worrying about dangerous chemicals.

Last Words

If you have sensitive skin or are thinking of trying a “natural” product, I would definitely encourage you to take a look at my review of Soap from Essential Depots. I don’t use anything else, and I’ve found that my skin looks and feels a lot better after each use. In fact, after my wife gave me the gift of a bottle when she found out that I was using Natural Organic Skin Care, she started asking me all kinds of questions, such as “What were you using before?” I told her that I was using Soap from Essential Depots, and she replied, “Oh, it’s so wonderful.”

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